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Live we may and Die we must….

Live we may and die we must…the one thing we absolutely ALL have in common. How do you want to be remembered. Think about it and start living that way TODAY because tomorrow may never come….
Today…my family in Greece buried my Grandmother. She was almost 104 years old. She died on my fathers name day which in Greek tradition is a big deal and although there is no doubt she is better off wherever she is now…I am sad….terribly sad. I guess you could say I am selfishly sad because I cannot imagine going to Greece and not seeing her. My memories as a child are filled with spending summer in her tiny home in the village. A tiny home that was filled with more love and knowledge than most churches and libraries I have been to. Selfishly sad because I will never hug her again or have her ask me about my day. My grandmother was the matriarch of our family and although I am happy she has joined my dad and uncle wherever they are…I am selfishly sad she is gone from this life.
Today….I honour her. I honour her for the 5 children she raised in poverty, the 11 grandchildren and 25 great grandchildren she has had the honour of knowing. I honour her for her strength and courage she endured and the love she never stopped giving.
I love you Giagia…I love you for being an amazing example of what a woman should be and I love you for raising the greatest dad I could have asked for. I hope that you are laughing and holding hands with your two sons and I hope that you are feeling the happiness you so tremendously deserve.
With all my love…Your 10th grandchild…Eleni Tsagerelis! xoxoxoxo

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