I Was Born With My Heart On My Sleeve…

For those who know me…this is it! You get what you see. No hidden agendas and no games. I struggled with this for a long time because I was told I had a “big mouth” and that I should be careful what I say so I suppressed who I really was and beat myself up until I started to get to know me. Until I started to like me and now…For those who can’t handle the ‘real’ me…well then they simply have no place in my life. I will no longer suppress who I am to make another person happy. My intention is never to hurt another person but My motto has and will continue to be….”if you don’t want to know the truth, then don’t ask me”. My message is this…be who you are because those who matter don’t mind and those who mind well….they don’t matter.

With all my love….Eleni…xoxoiwasborn

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